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About Us

Vetstore was formed with the sole objective of providing a convenient and trusted companion animal home healthcare services. Through the Vetstore platform pet parents and companion animal care owners can connect with our expert Veterinary care providers and be assure for all their pets basic healthcare needs1.

Any pet owner located in Mumbai and suburbs can avail of our services i.e. either through enlisting their Pet details on our website or through a Membership Cards.

We are focused on building a strong service network for your Pets regular basic needs i.e. :

  • Pet vaccination - AT HOME
  • Pet Doctor - AT HOME
  • Pet Health Checks - AT HOME
  • Expert Vet advice on Phone

We all love Vetstore

Vet Clinic

No need to travel to Vet clinic


Never knew my vaccinationwas so easy


Now get an expert guided medications

All of the medical records & treatments are available to our customers online anytime anywhere and through a paper report card also.

Disclaimer - Vet at Home services covers only those services which are non-clinical in nature and does not requires any invasive surgery. In case of a clinical requirement out Veterinary will guide you accordingly