Pet Diagnostics at Home - FAQ

Vetstore provides animal health check-up facility for your pets (at present only Cats & Dogs) at the convenience of your home. The sample is collected by our pet technician/ junior veterinary from your home and the reports are delivered online and through courier too within a period of 48 hours from the time of collection.

We all know that preventive care is best for pets. Since in most situations pet cannot express themselves as humans hence they suffer in silence. We only come to know about any disease once it is mostly at an advanced stage and the pet can longer hide it. You should know that animals by their instincts try to hide their weaknesses and any type of illness (it is an inherent survival instincts).

Also the chances of a successful treatment is always high in case the illness is detected early.

Most importantly as a responsible pet owner we should always do a twice annual health check for our pets so as to make sure that everything is fine with our pet health.

You can order any test of your chose online or give us a call for confirmation. Once you have ordered online or called us and confirmed out technical team will come and collect the samples from your home.

Our Veterinary team has developed a very easy to interpret and understand reports for all of our listed tests. You can easily see which parameters (test numbers) are out of the normal range and again all parameters which are outside the normal ranges are well explained in the concluding remarks.

Vetstore always encourages you to discuss the reports with our expert Veterinary team or with your local existing Vet.

A normal report means that your pet health is fine (for the analysed samples).

At present we provide services only in Mumbai and its suburbs.

We have a strong team of Veterinary pathology who have years of experience in analysing and reporting animal samples in a standard laboratory. Also all the parameters which are outside the range are double checked.

Apart from the listed test we also do all other required test. You can always call us or request a call back from our website and our team will be ready for your assistance.