Pet Diagnostics at Home

Pet Health Check-ups through advance pathology testing is one of the best way to ensure that our pets are doing well. Prevention of any disease in our pets through pathology test is very effective.

Vetstore provides all primary clinical pathology test (some listed below) at your doorstep.


  • Identifies wide range of diseases (if any) at an early stage in your Pet Dog/Cats
  • Best preventive health check for your beloved Pets
  • Less cost of treatment and high success rate since any possible disease is detected at an early stage in your Pet Dog/ Cat/ Exotic Pets


  • Renal/ Kidney disease is increasingly becoming common in aged household pets i.e. Dogs and Cats. Critical signs to watch out for in your pets includes Weight loss/ Decreased appetite, Increased, decreased urination, Poor coat/ untidy coat, Lethargy or reluctance to move
  • Vomiting/ Diarrhea etc


    The comprehensive Liver Test designed by us provides useful information on your pets overall liver profile and might provide explanations for:

  • Reduced appetite, Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Weight loss,Grey white or soft faeces
  • Behaviour changes
  • Animal Jaundice


    The thyroid gland is an important part of your pets body (just like humans).In dogs/ canines the thyroid illness mostly develops during middle ages (4-10 years) and mostly effect mid and large size breeds.

    In cats the thyroid problem happens generally during middle to old age (4-22 years).

    Classic symptoms of Canine Thyroid imbalance could be: Reduced Activity, Skin Infection in Dogs, High Blood cholesterol in dogs, Weight gain and/or Hair loss in your Pets/ Dogs, Less Blood

    Classic symptoms of Feline Thyroid imbalance could be - Weight loss, Increased eating, Hair loss/ rough hair, Vomiting, Increase water intake in cats and frequent urination, Behaviour changes

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