Pet Parents’ Consent

Anytime Vetstores India Private Limited ("ATVS" or "The Company") is the creator, author and publisher of this website i.e. ATVS owns and operates the services provided through this Website and other physical marketing channels. These Terms and Conditions govern the access and use by you of this platform, technology, applications, websites, content, Vet Card, services and Products, (collectively and individually referred herein as "Our Services") made available by the Company (collectively referred herein as "we" and/or "us").

  • ATVS provides vaccinations and health advice for your pets through qualified veterinary and under a systematic plan for optimum health of your pets.
  • You as a user of our website and our services verify that you are the owner and/or Authorized agent for the owner of the pet/s and authorize the above procedure to be performed. I authorize the use of medication and vaccinations as deemed necessary by the veterinarian and understand that trained personnel will be employed in the procedure(s) as directed by the veterinarian. I have been advised as to the nature of this procedure to be performed and the risks involved. I understand also that there is always a risk associated with any medicinal episode, even in apparently healthy animals and have discussed my concerns with the veterinarian. I understand that it may be necessary to provide medical procedures which are not anticipated for the safety or care of my pet. I hereby consent to and authorize the performance of such altered and/or additional procedures as are necessary in the veterinarian’s professional judgement. I accept responsibility for any result in additional charges. I agree to be responsible for any charges incurred while my pet is in the care of ATVS team.
  • Further I as a user of ATVS services and its website and/or purchaser of Vet Card from ATVS, have understood and my queries were answered to my satisfaction and I fully understand the benefits & risks of the vaccine(s)/medications on my pet. I give consent for, the medical administration of the vaccine(s). I fully release & discharge Anytime Vestores Pvt Ltd, its affiliates, officers, directors, and employees from any liability for illness, injury, loss, or damage which may result there from.