Pet Kitten/Cat Vaccination

Normally a cat/kitten should be vaccinated within 8th week to 9th week for Feline Calcivirus,Feline Rhino-tracheitis,Feline Panleukopenia(CRP) then at 12th to 14th week 1st Booster for CRP is given. Between 10th to 12th week first anti rabies vaccine dose can be administer. For adult cat an annual dose of CRP vaccine & anti rabies is recommended.

Cat 3 In 1 Vaccination

The vaccine is intended for the active immunization of healthy cats of minimum 9 weeks of age against:

  • Feline calicivirosis and Feline Viral rhinotracheitis to reduce clinical signs and viral excretion
  • Feline panleucopenia to prevent leucopenia and to reduce clinical signs.
Onset of immunity is established four weeks after vaccination for calciv virus and rhi not racheitis virus and after three weeks for panleucopenia virus.This immunity lasts for 12 months

Care while Vaccinating Your Cat & Kitten

However, Do not use during pregnancy and lactation. Vaccinate only healthy animals. In a small proportion of animals,transient pain and pruritus are noted at the time of vaccination. Transient hyperthermia and pathy may be observed within 24 hours after vaccination. A limited and transient skin thickening may occur between days 6 and 9, post vaccination and at the injection point.In small proportion of animals,a slight eye watering is sometimes noted during the days following vaccination,that decreases spontaneously within a few days without any treatment.

High level of maternal antibodies can interfere with response to vaccination. In case of accidental self injection, show the package insert or the label lo the physician.

Undesirable Effects of vaccination in Cat/Kitten

As with other vaccines,occasional hypersensitivity reactions may be observed in some animals. In such case, apropriate symptomatic treatment should be administered