Vetstore provides veterinary care for your pets (at present only Cats & Dogs) at the convenience of your home. Our expert pet home care services includes broad range of services like:

  1. Vet advice onhealthy upkeep and upbringing of your pets
  2. Expert guidance on what to feed and what not to feed
  3. Advice on pet nutritional needs and diets
  4. Home vaccinations (all core &non core vaccines)
  5. Regular deworming and parasite treatments under the guidance of an expert vet.
  6. Regular Health Check-ups (sample collection and report delivery at your home) through Canine Profile, Feline Profile, Blood Test, Urine& Faecal test etc.

It is a known fact that Pets are most conformable & are at ease in their home settings.Hence for all health - advices, minor health issue and regularpreventive care (i.e. regular vaccinations) and deworming your pet home is an ideal situation.

You can avail our services by simply applying requesting a “Book a Vet” option on our website. You can also simply call us at our contact number or you can simply purchase your Pet Health Card” online and start availing a host of benefits and medical attention for your pets:

  • Book an expert veterinary online*
  • Request a call-back
  • Call us at our phone number
  • Purchase the “Pet Health Card” online.

All the treatments are well planned and documented by our expert team of Veterinary and will be available to you online anytime anywhere.

Anytime Vetstore does not provides telemedicine.

At present we provide services only in Mumbai and its suburbs.

We know that for treating pets we need three basic things i.e. Right qualification, experience and a love for animals. All of our Veterinarians are well qualified and have right qualification in animal healthcare like Masters of Veterinary Science (Mvsc) and/or Bachelors of Veterinary Science (Bvsc). Some of our Veterinary have also obtained Phd’s in their area of expertise in animal healthcare. Our Veterinary team selection is done based on their qualification & experience.

Anytime Vetstore along with its team of Veterinarians have developed a rigorous and effective internal treatment protocols for routine medications such as Vaccination and deworming. As an example we compulsory take the below mentioned observation during the time/ day of vaccinations:

  • Brief history about your pet
  • Has he ever been vaccinated or dewormed
  • Check on his general health on the day of vaccination
  • Check his Respiratory rate and temperature by our Veterinary
  • Check if he is cheerful and with clear eyes on the day of vaccination

At Vetstore, you can be sure that all veterinarians are trained, trustworthy and professional. All members of our team is screened and verified and undergo a training in professional ethics. Apart from these all of our Veterinarians are very much compassionate about pets

In an emergency situation Vetstore veterinary will be able to guide you to your nearest expert veterinary clinic wherein you can take you pet immediately for treatments. We have our enlisted Veterinary panel wherein we have enlisted expert Veterinary clinics after a thorough feedback analysis from pet parents.

In case if you Pet is a member of our "Pet Health Card" you can enjoy a minimum of 20% discount on Veterinary fees at any of our enlisted Veterinary clinics